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Speech on Independence Day of India

Speech on Independence Day A very good morning to respected principal, teachers, parents and my dear friends. Today, we have all gathered here for the celebration of the great national event. Our country got independence from the rule of Britishers on 15th August in 1947. This day is celebrated as Independence Day. It is

Speech on Leadership Qualities

In the words of John C Maxwell, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” They are the ones that make the difference between success and failure. A leader is someone who has a futuristic vision and can turn his ideas into success stories. But who is

Speech on mobile phone impacts on students

Today, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, so essential that it is hard to imagine our lives without it. Everyone, children of every age and strata owns a mobile phone nowadays. It has allowed students to stay in touch with teachers and their classmates at all times. In case of

Speech on Honesty is the best policy

speech on honesty is the best policy Honesty is said to be the greatest virtue in mankind. It has always been held in high regard. When you are honest and you speak the truth, you don’t have to keep remembering the things you said. But it is not often easy, to be honest. Sometimes

Speech on the power of words

Words have the power to change, and to transform and even destroy worlds with a single phrase; of all the ways that we can affect each other, the words we utter is but one effective tool to impact the recipient either positively or negatively. One can argue that the words uttered can inspire a

Speech on agriculture

Agriculture changed the very way we lived and you could even argue that it was instrumental in the rise of several ancient settlements from Babylon to the Indus valley. Although the early man was aware of various food crops and he started collecting wild wheat for consumption around 100,000 years ago, it was not

Speech on 9/11

As one of the real-time televised terrorist incidents, I am sure that most of you do remember the terrorist attacks that took place in New York, on September 11, 2001, when two of the four jetliners high jacked by Al-Qaeda militants crashed against the twin towers of world trade center. The resultant fireball weakened

Speech on youth day

Allow me to state off right away that this festival of the youth which embodies revolution against tyranny of any form is one of the hardest speeches to give for the simple reason that it embodies various such acts of bravery committed by young men and women across the world, often resulting in the

Speech on change

Change is inevitable and that’s the truth; change is part and parcel of our reality and nothing remains the same forever no matter how much we wished that they stayed the same. Time is linear and as time progresses; everything changes though not necessarily for the better. We become older, we grow up, our

Speech on football

Football is a team sport, and one that is ubiquitous; it is entertaining to watch as well as to participate in the game as well. And like every other sport, football has had its own share of controversies over the years and it is also one home to some of the richest sporting clubs