Speech on the impact of social media on youth

Social media is an integral part of everyone’s life today, especially youth. It impacts them both positively and negatively. It is easier to make friends on social media sites. In fact, it has changed the entire idea of making friends. It allows the youth to make friends from all over the world and talk with them for unlimited hours, whenever they want. Even video chatting is free of cost. A social site like Facebook has allowed long lost friends in an instant. Social media has been a blessing for introverts.

Speech on the impact of social media on youth

Since we can connect to friends anytime now, we can share all kinds of experiences with them and they can do the same. This makes the relationship and bonding between the friends stronger. And it leads the youth towards empathy, an emotion that is getting rarer each day. Also, sharing makes them relax mentally and helps get through tough situations.


Youth today lives in a life that runs and extremely busy. There is hardly any time. Social sites give everyone a chance to communicate effectively and quickly and at the time feasible to them. People can talk to many friends at the same time. Social networking sites not only allows everyone to get in touch with old friends, but it also helps them develop a new network of friends and other people who might help them at various stages of their life.


On the other hand, social media has negative impacts on youth as well. Often, youth get so addicted to these sites that they sit on the internet for hours, checking their account or accounts, neglecting their study. This extreme use of technology is affecting their productivity. And it is also affecting their mental and physical health. It has also developed cyberbullying in some youths along with privacy violation.


Many teenagers use this platform for stalking other people and harass them in different ways like texting and sending objectionable content. Most youth also use this site to keep a continuous tab on each their.


Many website policies make the account information public and youth is often not aware of that when they blindly allow and permit every permission the website asks for. This leads to the hacking of their social media accounts and sometimes bank accounts as well.


Youth has a habit of putting every minute of their life upon these sites. It makes them easily trackable and it aids in the crime like stalking, kidnapping, murders, and even rapes. In short, many people use your information on social media with cruel intentions.


Social media has both good and bad impacts on youth. It is vital that everything on the internet must be used with extreme caution. As beneficial it is, it can be more harmful as well if not used wisely. Social media is both a boon and bane to the youth. They must be educated about how to use it and their positive and negative impacts as well. This will make them careful in future.


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