Speech on recycling

We are all taught that it is important that we recycle and that it is for the good of the society but have you ever wondered why? Why is it important for us to recycle some items and not others? The fact remains that we generate a lot of waste in the course of a single day and here’s the catch, most of the waste that we generate in the course of a single day, can indeed be recycled. Allow me to put it in perspective; last year over $1 billion plastic water bottles was wasted and not recycled and had we recycled this, then we would have been able to power 190000 homes for an entire year.

Speech on recycling

The facts are indeed staggering; it is common knowledge that plastic is harmful to the environment and that’s why we either need to migrate to a healthier alternative and ban plastic altogether or move towards a more reasonable solution and recycle all forms of plastic regularly. It is essential that we separate our trash and recycle regularly; doing so should prevent these materials from going to waste and ending up in the middle of the plastic island in the middle of the Pacific that’s as large as Africa today.

Think about this for a moment, on an average we generate about 4.3 pounds of waste each day and that’s for a single person. Now take into consideration our entire population and also factor in the rate of population growth and now calculate the total amount of trash generated by us every single day. You can see why trash is fast becoming a real crisis and one that we need to tackle right away. Recycling half or more of this generated waste should help us to streamline the process of trash removal so that we can focus on eliminating waste altogether.

Well, in an ideal solution no waste would be generated and we are yet to reach that state of development where we can simply void waste by beaming it to the sun. So for the moment, we have to make do with current technologies and one of the processes that are vital to trash management is recycling. Apart from the fact that recycling enables us to reduce the trash, it also allows us to recycle the same so that it can be reused for the same or different purpose.

So the next time you are about to throw out your trash, you may want to check it and remove organic waste and store the same separately. Then concentrate on the stuff that you can recycle such as cardboard, paper, plastic, glass bottles etc and store the same separately. Check with your local community if there is a recycling point where you can drop the waste that needs to be recycled – there should be one in your neighborhood. You can head over there and drop off the ones that are meant to be recycled. Please remember that every time you recycle, you are doing your bit to both preserve and protect the environment.


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