Speech on Racism

Racism is the worst thing for any society. Here’s a collection of short speeches on racism, which will help you deliver a speech or presentation on this topic.

speech on racism

1. Speech on racism

Racism the most unwanted and painful differentiation of humanity, which is still quite relevant in this modern world. If you try to understand racism it may seem simple but actually in our own country racism still exists in the hearts of people at some limit. Sometimes it is used as a defense mechanism against ego and righteousness. Within this fast pacing modern world, there is still much of racism found among the people. Mainly it would be seen in these few areas which are still so clearly visible in the hearts and minds of people to the date.

The imbibing virtues of tolerance- giving birth to racism: The most negligible arena in the world is being tolerant. Not even a child is taught this fundamental ethic for a better growth. Everyone is in the fits of rage when something cannot be controlled or crosses the limit. A typical mindset is prevalent making racism against each other a tool.

The ‘out-group’ perception rising to racism: Ever since time immemorial, people of different nationalities have settled down in different countries for work. They are still called as outsiders or foreigners, this racialism creates an out-group mindset making them look like aliens.

Racism due to diversity in identity: In many parts of the globe, people are still considered inferior or superior on the basis of their skin color and living habits. Thinking oneself superior although being co-countrymen is the biggest racism with the diverse identity of a country.

Racism propelling from the competition: It is needless to say, that even today labor enforcement policies exist in many parts of the globe. These labors are being used for decades, but are never given the proper respect or place in the societies. They are always the ‘lower class’ or the inferior section of the society, who are meant to fulfill the propelling competition.

If we can control over these racism facts then it is a guarantee that in a true sense, the world would move onwards a human society.

2. Racism- The Greatest Evil In All Societies

Have you ever judged people because they are from a certain country or belongs to a certain race? Have you ever felt every eye on you knowing that you are being continuously observed and judged? If you haven’t been through this, just imagine. How do you like it? Not even a bit, right? So, if you don’t like it, why do it to someone else.

Racism is everywhere. It may occur in an active way or a passive way. It may be by leaving them out of the social groups and gatherings, not considering their views and experiences, out casting them and calling names and insulting them. Racism is demonstrated mostly in behavior and activities that reflects detest, abuse, violence and hate directed to a certain community. Discrimination based on color, clothing, religion or culture is racism.

This discrimination haunts many people worldwide. It makes their life worse, full of pain and struggle. It not only breaks their heart but also tears their soul apart. Even the place of work is not untouched by racism. Loss of job, loss of promotion and such events makes their life a living hell. They become the instrument for venting out of everyday frustration and aggression.

Racism not only harms people mentally but also physically. Many of them get harmed in physical violence. More than that, many others get hurt as well and country’s infrastructure and economy bears the loss as well. Each one of us is different in one way or other. Before you judge someone or do something to someone, take a minute and think. Would you like to be in their shoes, stand where they are? Would you like to be treated the way you are treating them? The answer is no. Then why do something to someone that we wouldn’t like for ourselves. Racism is a vice and it needs to be eradicated.


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