Speech on Poverty

Poverty is an endemic issue facing most of the developing nations today and the developed world as well. The problem is that even though we as a species have faced poverty and grappled with the problem, we are yet to find or even determine an inclusive solution. According to the UN, nearly half of the world’s current population, that’s nearly 3 billion people live on less than $2.5 a day. Their access to facilities which we often take for granted, is either limited or non-existent. For example, we are supposed to have access to basic facilities including healthcare, but the poor neither have access to good quality food, nutrition which often results in them developing health issues. And since those belonging to the poor class cannot afford to live under sanitary conditions, this complicates the issue further, by exposing their weakened immune system to various diseases.

Speech on Poverty

This further compromises their health, often resulting in early deaths. The fact remains that we as a society have been aware of the ravages of poverty for a long while. And yet, we claim that as a society we have indeed grown spiritually and have evolved further, while there’s little that we have done to address this particular issue which has often led to devastating results in developing nations, and at time, even resulting in crisis such as famine, health outbreak, etc. Most people tend to think of poverty in terms of money than the ‘quality of life’. They often fail to realize that giving a poor person money may be of help temporarily but it would indeed be much better to teach him or her a new skill, by which they can improve the quality of their life. It is indeed distressing to note that as we become more ‘advanced’, we seem to pay little heed to the issues those who live below the poverty line, have to face on a daily basis.

Furthermore, as recent riots in Mainland China broke out it shows the increase in disparity between those who are better off from those who have next to nothing. And while economies need to be fostered, so as to provide equitable growth for is citizens, it should be done to benefit all strata instead of just a select few. This is something that no nation has done as of yet, except India which has a fair share of the world’s poor seems to have shown the way with its universal health scheme. While the details are still being worked out on the largest health plan in the world, the fact remains that the poor who do not have access to the most basic of facilities may not have the ID card or be registered to access the same. The government of the day has been made aware of this issue and one sincerely hopes that they will take the required action so that this health plan will become effective in what one hopes is the first step in many to address the issue of poverty and to provide equitable benefits to all.


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