Speech On Importance Of Education

A very good morning to respected teachers, parents and friends. I would like to present a speech on the significance of education in life. We all know that education plays a critical role in every aspect of life of every single individual. It is the process by which a person obtains knowledge and learn new talents and skills. Getting proper education is essential to achieve success and happiness in life. It is vital to attaining a healthy body. Education also gives us a better and luxurious life. It helps in the development of personality and transforms the living status of a person.

speech on Importance Of Education

Education promotes a feeling of mental, social and physical wellbeing of a person by offering a better life. Good education is constructive that develops the future of a person. It aids in enhancing the state of body, spirit and mind. It offers immense confidence by providing bulk knowledge in various different spheres of life. It is the most inevitable way to obtain personal growth and success. The more knowledge you get, the more you expand and prosper in your life. A well-educated person not just earns good salary and certificates from reputed institutions or companies but also become a good human being in life. Education gives us an understanding of what is bad or good for our growth. It helps us in developing meaningful relations in life.

The basic objective of getting good education is to become a good citizen and become successful in professional and personal life. Without a quality education, a person is incomplete. This is because education makes a person right thinker and decision maker. He gets ability to think rationally and clearly in life that helps in prevention of confusions and indulging in wrong doings.  In this competitive world, after food, shelter and clothing, education has become the fourth most basic necessity in life.

Education makes us independent. We can take our own decisions and can earn our living without being dependent on others. It not just offers solutions to various issues, but also equip us with better knowledge about the burning issues like terrorism, corruption, unemployment, illiteracy and other socio-economic issues that our nation and world is currently facing.

Education is the best tool to provide inner strength to an individual. It is one of those fundamental rights that makes one capable to bring upliftment and any desired positive change in the entire society. Education imparts literacy that makes a person capable of reading and writing. An educated person can properly understand what is written. He can read as well as draft letters and emails easily without anyone’s support. This is the power and independence education it gives to a person.

Not just success and money, education also brings a lot of respect for others and for the nation. A lot of crimes that happens in today’s society is done by uneducated people. It makes a person cultured in his thoughts and speech. An educated person gains respect and recognition in the society. A nation that has a large segment of educated people like doctors, scientists and engineers is considered to be an advanced nation. Education makes students specialized in the area of their interest so as to make them capable of serving the nation in a remarkable way.

Educated people become successful in different areas of life. They are able to make the best use of vast set of opportunities that advanced economies provide. Vocational training and education help in training and helping a person to build specific skills in a person. These skills helps people to work in a specific industry of specialization. Education is the basic right of a person. When a person doesn’t get to avail this right, then it leads to development of social issues such as child marriage, poverty, child labor, discrimination, etc. Education develops the thinking and analyzing faculty of an individual that enables him to think reasonably and also form better decisions.

School education plays a vital role in learning as well as developing our personality. It helps in building morality, mental skills, and physical powers. It is the basis for success in professional as well as personal life. Education provides a lot of skills and knowledge to a person. It is a constant, safe and secure learning process that assists in obtaining desired knowledge. Education not just enables one to get knowledge about science, history, math, geography, and various other subjects but also makes one smart to tackle all good and bad circumstances in life in brave manner.

Thus, education provides us access to the enormous knowledge that can be used for our own advantage or for the betterment of the society. Being educated is very essential for obtaining success, developing noble character, and living a happy and wholesome life.


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