A Short Speech on Environment

Environment definition: The natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographical area, especially as affected by human activity.

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1. Speech on environment (315 words)

The source of life on the earth is the environment which plays a pivotal role in the existence, growth & development of all the human beings on the earth and the activities of their daily life. The environment is very important for the quality of life that we lead. The environment is basically defined as the surroundings or the conditions in which a human being, a plant or animal lives which include all the living and the non-living things as well. Thus, the environment is extremely important for the sustenance of life on the earth and hence it the duty of human beings to protect the environment for their own benefit.
The degradation of the environment is a hot topic for discussion in the recent times. Several man-made activities and the high rate of growth of population are the most important factors that are causing harmful effects to the environment. For example, man is cutting down trees for the fulfilling of his own needs, man is polluting the air and water which are results of industrialization are some of the harmful activities caused by man is badly impacting environment that is making the earth an unsafe place to live in.
It is still not over and man should try his level best to protect the degradation of the environment. To save the environment is the need of the hour and some active steps or actions should be taken immediately for the protection of the environment which would otherwise be very late with no scope to even regret. The best way to protect and save the environment is that the human beings should be made aware of the fact that what environment provides us and what effects the degradation of environment will have on us. If all human beings learn the importance of environment they will actively participate in the campaign of saving the environment.

2. Environment short speech (355 words)

Environment is not only the physical but also the biological surroundings that affect an organism or a group of organisms. We are dependent on the environment for our basic needs. There is a balanced natural cycle that exists between the environment and the human beings.

Ignorance and denial

However, the human beings have started overusing the natural resources and broke this natural cycle. The human society is playing a vital role in the degradation of the environment. It is thus affecting the planet that we live in causing deforestation, pollution, extinction of various species and so on.
The human actions directly affect the planet in general. The indiscriminate use of the environment has led to ecological crisis. With the improvement of technologies, the interaction with the environment has changed. It is permitting the population to grow thus affecting the environment in general.
With the advancement of technologies, the natural resources are getting depleted. This will cause a huge problem in our future generations. Some effects of this are soil erosion, exhaustion of underground water, shortage of fresh drinking water, rise in atmospheric temperature, melting of ice caps, rise of sea level and the list goes on.

Effect on human beings:

The deterioration of environment also affects the human beings. The depletion of the ozone layer has skin cancer. Moreover, excess pollution leads to various respiratory problems like asthma or lung cancer. It is also said to affect the agriculture.
According to research, the perennial snow mountains in Tibet were covered in thick layers of snow. In the recent years it has started melting and is getting thinner day by day. This is a serious issue as it will lead to the rise in the sea level and will also lead to an increase in the average temperature of the planet. As the temperature of the oceans increase, hurricanes and typhoons become frequent.
It is time to get past the stage of denial and ignorance. The world is heading towards an inevitable result, and we need to take matter in our own hands. It is imperative to abide by all norms issued by World Health Organization.


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