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Are you looking for a speech on education and education’s importance? We’ve published couple of education speeches below.

speech on education

1. Education speech (356 words)

Education is basic to all development. It is a process of man-making. Education shapes a human being. It is very essential for a human to realize the nature which is inherent in him. It is thus necessary for all.
India is a democratic country. Democracy and Education are very closely related. The four-fold idea of Democracy is equality, fraternity, liberty and justice.

Social Evils: Earlier, the education system in India was really poor and unorganized. There was discrimination in the Education system as well. While the rich kids were sent to school, the poor kids were forced into child labor. This gave rise to a lot of discrimination in the society which was based on social standard and gender. Ample changes have been made in the Constitution of India to ensure empowerment.

Essence of education: Education stimulates the intelligence in human beings, makes him skillful and also ensures his progress. It also directs the undeveloped needs, urges, interest into desirable channels.
Man has a social and biological aspect. Education maintains the social aspect of man. Not only does it preserve and transmit the social element, it also helps in the enrichment of culture. It enables man to play his part in the society to make it better.

Problems and prospects: In a democratic country, education is essential. A lot of efforts have been made by the Government to achieve this goal. Since it is one of the most important mean for development, every individual should get similar opportunities for getting education.

India is one of the most under-developed countries when it comes to education. The government is facing two massive problems when it comes to mass literacy. The problems are – adult education and universalization of primary education. Since the population is exploding, educational expansion becomes harder.

Education is just not about gaining knowledge.  It is about learning. It is like a healthy food, nourishing your body both internally and externally. It makes you strong and bbuildsyour personality. Good education is the only way to eradicate indiscrimination, poverty, gender inequality and bad habits. It shapes you into a better human being.

2. Speech on education (300 words)

Education actually refers to the process of receiving or giving some systematic instructions especially at the school, college or university. It is basically a process that facilitates learning or the obtaining of knowledge, values, skills, habits and beliefs. There are several methods of education that are as mentioned below.

  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Research
  • Discussing
  • Storytelling

There are some of the steps that the education is formally divided into which are as follows.

  • The preschool stage or the kindergarten
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • College
  • University
  • Apprenticeship

Education is of utmost importance in molding the life of an individual which is of immense value. First and foremost, education makes us literate which is the ability to read and write. Being literate is extremely important in today’s world for a proper living. Not only education makes us literate but it also inculcates values in us which help us make a good human being. All the moral, spiritual and ethical values are inculcated in us by education, thus proving how important education is in our lives. Education helps to produce well – cultured, well – mannered individuals which ultimately provides the country with good citizens. We all know the children of today are the future citizens of the country and thus it is extremely important for the children to receive good quality education. Education provides us with wisdom to decide between the good and the bad. At the same time, it helps to develop a character and a personality of the individual. Education cultivates intellectual discipline in us which is essential for life. Most importantly, education helps us to earn a livelihood for ourselves. There are high chances that a well-educated person has a good source of income and employment which is the path to living a good, satisfactory and enjoyable life.



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