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Speech on Independence Day of India

Speech on Independence Day A very good morning to respected principal, teachers, parents and my dear friends. Today, we have all gathered here for the celebration of the great national event. Our country got independence from the rule of Britishers on 15th August in 1947. This day is celebrated as Independence Day. It is

Speech on Honesty is the best policy

speech on honesty is the best policy Honesty is said to be the greatest virtue in mankind. It has always been held in high regard. When you are honest and you speak the truth, you don’t have to keep remembering the things you said. But it is not often easy, to be honest. Sometimes

Speech on New Year resolution

We have all made that New Year resolution which can range from quitting smoking to making sure that we do not procrastinate and yet, most of us have failed miserably in sticking with it. Did you ever wonder why that is? The reasons could be many stemming from stress to peer pressure but the

Speech on dance

Dancing is something that all of us enjoy watching and some of us even happen to dance really well. But did you know that dancing originated way back during 10000 BC and chances of it even being an integral part of ancient customs cannot be ruled out altogether? But with the formation of various

Speech on Attitude

The right attitude can make all the difference in your life; having a positive attitude can even help alter your perception and how you perceive the actions of all those around you. I am sure that you have all heard of the “positive attitude leads to positive vibes” and granted that some of you

Speech on 50th wedding anniversary

It may surprise you to hear that the act of celebrating one’s fiftieth wedding anniversary originated with the Holy Roman Empire where a couple celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary often received congratulations from their emperor along with gifts. But most couples back then celebrated their wedding anniversary with the husband crowning his wife with

Speech on unemployment

Unemployment is one of the most important metrics used by most economists to gauge whether an economy is doing well or not. But why is it that most nations that have a sound economy often have high figures of unemployment?   One of the simple reasons could be that as companies become more competitive

Speech on fear

Fear, above all else, is indeed a powerful motivational tool; of course, it comes with its own negative connotations but the fact remains is that it is this fear that has managed to shape human civilization to what it is today. If we did not have the ability to fear anything, then it would

Speech on responsibility

One of the first things that we all learn early on is the importance of responsibility and why it is critical to our society. This need for responsibility should subsume our every other need including personal likes and desires. But sadly, so many of us prefer to shelve responsibility on a high shelf with

Speech on relationships

As human beings, we are hardwired to form relationships and to a certain extent, we are indeed sociable animals. While one common theory holds that our need for companionship is biological, several recent studies had indicated it to be otherwise –that our need for forming relationships is dictated by biological memory or genetic memory