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Speech on courage

There is an ancient proverb about fear and courage being brothers and it happens to be both apt and accurate. Today, we are discussing courage; the fact is that I even needed a bit of courage to come up here and give the speech in the first place. So what is courage? Courage essentially

Speech on never giving up

This may come as a surprise but the trait that we all thought was unique to us humans is not so; in fact, several species share the same and I am talking about the attitude of “never giving up”. It is but natural for lesser species to share in this trait, after all, one

Speech on father

When it comes to important relationships, none is more important than the role a father plays in a child’s life other than that of the mother. The ‘father’ is the one who is often tasked with imparting key societal values to the child and this in turn, helps to shape the child’s personality. This

Speech on encouragement

Encouragement is something that we all need, either from our loved ones or from our friends whenever we embark on something new. As human beings, we are sociable animals and therefore feel the urge to connect with others and even seek out new contacts. It is but natural for us to seek to validate

Speech on hope

Hope is eternal and that seems to be the case today; with all the modern challenges confronting us, hope is all that we have left – enabling us to reach deep within ourselves to confront these challenges head-on. I am sure that you have all heard the tale of Pandora and her box. Allow

Speech on kindness

Kindness is what we often seek in others but often not in ourselves. Have you ever wondered why that’s the case? Does this mean that we perceive kindness as a weakness that others can exploit? Or that we are too self-involved with ourselves that we cannot think beyond our own needs and think of

Speech on death

Death is not the end but a beginning; and some of the latest movies to hit the theaters just underscore the same – that as a society we have all been obsessed with death and the afterlife. Death has always held a fascination for us and with various religions giving their own unique perspective

Speech on Music

Music is one of the traditional forms of communication and part of the entertainment and cultural programs that have been extant for several thousands of years; what is unique is the fact that some of the music that is in vogue today still utilizes some ancient musical instruments to lend it a unique touch.

Speech on Gratitude

One of the most endearing qualities of being human is our ability to express our gratitude but there’s something that we often miss out on and I am talking about the big picture. Several studies have proven that the act of being grateful actually makes us empathize better with others and in the process,

Speech on Humanity

When it comes to the question of our humanity, the jury has been out for the count and with good reason; as a term, it is described as being human, refers to human beings collectively or the act of valuing human life and being benevolent. One of the reasons why humanity is hard to