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Five Exercise that Helps Improve Blood Circulation

Regular exercising does not only help in weight loss but it has a lot of benefits in the body and in health in general. The body needs at least simple exercising regularly. It does not necessarily mean to have active physical activities but at least simple yet regular exercise. One of the advantages of

Top Foods to Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is a very essential part of the immune system of a human body. It is the response of the body on every injury and infection that comes to the body. Moreover, it provides signal to the system in healing and repairing every tissue that has damage, and also the defense against foreign attackers

7 Supplements Women Over 40 Should Take

Age should always be regarded as just a number is a popular notion of staying positive during the times when you have reached a certain age. Yes, without a doubt, it is a good approach to live with because unnecessary pressure that women create in their heads when it comes to coming of age

Speech on Food

You may not know this, but as adult humans, we require a minimum of 2000 calories each day; the problem though is that our diet plan tends to vary a lot in the sense that we consume varied food products so it can be a tad hard to keep track of your calorie intake.

Speech on mental health

The question that plagues most psychologists and psychoanalysts today is the one concerning what their world would have been like without the likes of Sigmund Freud in it? Thankfully, well, for most of us anyway Sigmund Freud did exist and as a result, thanks to his varied contributions in the field of psychoanalysis, we

Speech on Junk food

Junk food – even mentioning the topic is bound to get the mouth watering, right? It is hard not to think of hot steaming pizzas with the melted cheese on the top anytime someone mentions junk food. You may want to take a closer look and you are bound to spot grease sticking to

Speech on organ donation

Organ donation is where you get to donate one of your organs to help your loved one combat a serious health issue which necessitated the organ donation in the first place. These days, most of the organ donations that take place include liver, Kidney and most of the major organs. But there’s a dark

Speech on smoking

Ever since Man first discovered the joys of smoking tobacco, there are millions of new smokers who take up smoking each year. Smoking is a harmful addiction as the nicotine loaded cigarettes are termed to be one of the main causative factors behind lung cancer and in fact, several studies have conclusively proved the

Speech on YOGA

Yoga has long been practiced for the better part of the last 5000 years and chronicles the physical and spiritual journey that one takes, as one practice the various asanas. It has long been believed that Yoga is the gateway to a higher form of living. It had long been conscripted into the various

Speech on Health

It is interesting to note that the term ‘wealth’, which often used to denote assets and money, has morphed to include health in the mix. It is now widely accepted, that health is indeed one of our largest assets and one that deserves our attention. With so many health scares and outbreaks taking place