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Speech on Save Water

Water is a precious and perishable resource. It is the basic need of everyone, plants, human beings, animals, microorganisms, everyone. Without water, nothing can exist anywhere in the entire universe, it is a unique source of life. 70% of our body is water and 3/4th of Earth is water. It might seem like water

Speech on winter

Did you know that it is because the earth is tilted on its axis to 23.5 degrees that we get to experience all four seasons of the year, from summer, autumn, winter to spring? In fact, were it not for this tilt, we would not have any winter or rather it would not be

Speech on recycling

We are all taught that it is important that we recycle and that it is for the good of the society but have you ever wondered why? Why is it important for us to recycle some items and not others? The fact remains that we generate a lot of waste in the course of

Speech on water pollution

Contrary to public perception, water is not unlimited and is a finite resource; moreover, potable drinking water is soon going to be a rare commodity given the rate at which we pollute our rivers, lakes and seas. Yes, when we look from outer space, earth shows up as a blue marble and over 70%

Speech on nature

I am sure that like many here, you are familiar with the phrase ‘let nature take its course’. Well, that only indicates the implacable character of ‘nature’ itself, which can be hard to define for so many reasons. But one of the most common reasons as to why so many get confused over usage

Speech on e-waste

As a society, we have indeed come a long way from inventing the wheel and while it is nice to have an idealized view of our progress and claim that we have indeed developed to become something better, some of the bad traits still continue reasserting themselves. I am talking about e-waste and how

Speech on keeping the beaches clean

Our beaches are getting dirtier and dirtier by the day. Picnicking on the beach is a common summer activity, and the huge rush of people who flock to the beach to enjoy a carefree day usually never bothers to look back on the debris that they leave behind. As a result, our beaches get

Speech on natural disasters

We humans have come a long way. We have truly been able to harness, and in many cases, override, nature in many ways. We built airplanes and helicopters and learned to fly. We have learned to extract energy from the wind, the sun, and even ancient dead things to power our homes and cars

Speech on Climate Change

Climate change is real and we need to take some really drastic change to reverse the effects. Here are few short speeches on the climate change which you can deliver at your presentation. 1. Speech on climate change Climate change is caused by various activities. It leads to a dramatic change in temperature. The

Speech on Global Warming

Global warming is the most dangerous phenomenon for humans. Below, we have posted few short speeches on global warming, which will be really useful if you are going to deliver a speech on the topic “Global Warming”. 1. Speech on global warming Global warming is one of the continuously increasing environmental issues that seek