Speech on Bullying

Speech on Bullying

Bullying can be defined as the use of superior strength or power or influence to intimidate someone. It is typically anything that is done with force or pressure. There can be different forms of bullying which are as follows.

Physical Bullying

The use of physical force intentionally on someone that results in or likely to result in the harm of their health, survival or development. This includes all types of physical violence like beating, kicking strangling and similar other actions.

Sexual Bullying

This is a form of bullying where someone is bullied sexually that is forcing to engage in sexual activities or sexual stimulation regardless of the outcome.

Psychological Bullying

This type of bullying does not involve physical contact. This is basically a form of mental torture on someone which degrades their mental condition and sometimes even resulting permanent damage of their mental health.

The effects of all the types of bullying can have severe and sometimes even permanent effects on the person who is bullied. The different types of effects that bullying can have are as mentioned below.


Bullying can cause a variety of emotional effects. Anyone who has been under constant humiliation or terror might face a constant insecurity, low self – esteem and lack of development are only to name a few. There can be a large list of which one cannot even imagine of.


The immediate effect of this might be cuts, bruises, fractures, hemorrhage etc. that can cause pain. The damage caused sometimes might be of permanent nature depending on the nature and extent of the bullying.


Anyone who is a constant neglect or physical bullying is in the risk of developing psychiatric problem along with developing severe mental problems. Sometimes they are also found to suffer from depression and anxiety.

2. Speech on Bullying (350 Words)

Bullying is a very big issue and not everyone realize it. It is so common in everyday life that often we don’t even notice or realize that it is happening with us or around us. It’s not normal like most of us thinks, assuming that it will help in building the character of the child. It is not so. Instead it breaks the confidence of the child along with the soul and heart.


It often seems easier to ignore the bullies and bear the pain than fighting them. It makes the bullied so scared that they often try to hide in their home, run away or take drastic steps to avoid it. And it doesn’t just happen with kids. Even grownups like us are bullied. Women, old and weak everyone faces it in all the kind of places like workplace, buses, trains and even on internet.


The bullies often try to hide their failures in troubling others. But what they don’t understand is that calling others fat, stupid or other names doesn’t make them any better. It makes them the sadist that they are, the ones who enjoy others pain. We must understand that each one of us is different. And also that suffering quietly isn’t bravery, its cowardice. It takes courage to stand up to the bullies and fight them.


Mostly the bullying is directed to a certain class, caste, religion or sexual preferences. For example the people of different sexual orientation receive so much of hate and bully that it’s hard to imagine ourselves in their position. But is it fair to make them suffer just because they prefer something that we usually don’t?


Bullying takes up every ounce of the courage, self respect and dignity of the bullied. Aren’t we all different in one way or the other? Don’t we all have different taste and make different choices? Will it be fair if you are bullied for liking a different author or a different book or going to a different school or college? The answer is no, it sounds pointless and silly. So why the bully for other reasons that doesn’t match a set standard justified. So, stand up and fight for it. It’s no good for us and for the society.


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